Friday, June 3, 2011

Needle felting tutorial

I have started needle felting not long ago. I only know the basics. I haven't done anything which was made only with this technique. I only use it for knitted and crocheted things as decoration.
I'd like to introduce how you can decorate a crochet figure without embroidery.

You will need:
- fleece, roving or top in some colours (black, white, yellow and brown)
- needle felting needles
- crocheted or knitted figure (this time it is an owl)
- scissors

1. Cut 2 small pieces from black roving and make two little balls from it. Must be the same size as the eyes.

2. Position the eyes and push the needle lots of times till the roving is felted. Be careful so that it must stay round shape and not to be moved.

3. Make the other eye the same way.

4. Cut 2 strips from white roving exactly the same size what fits around the black eye.

5. Start the felting process again from the center to the edges. Be careful not to cross the black parts and keep the round shape.

6. Keep felting until the whole is getting felted.

7. If you feel the white part is too small or you can see through the crochet stitches, add some more white roving and felt.

8. Make the other eye too. If needed, correct both eyes to be the same size.

9. Cut a small piece from the yellow roving. Make a small ball and position between the eyes and felt in triangle shape.

10. At the end cut 2 stripes from brown roving, put above the eyes and felt. You can decorate it more till your imagination goes....

Before you start pay attention to this:
Be careful not to injury your fingers when doing felting. 

If you would buy the owl pattern please email me! Thank you!

Happy needle felting!

This tutorial is an original tutorial by Adrienn of TruePearlsCreations (April 2011). Please do not claim this tutorial as your own. If you wish to share this tutorial, you must link my blog.
The tutorial only for NON COMMERCIAL USE.
Sale or non authorized commercial distribution in any form is prohibited.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My story, please help if you can to make my dream true....

My name is Adrienn, I am 34 years old.I live in England with my husband and 5 years old son Martin.
4 years ago one morning when I woke up and start my way to the bathroom my legs collapsed. Since then I can't walk , even can't stand up on my own.
I have also lost my job and ended my improving carrier.
One week after I was unable to pass water so they put a chateter in. I have spent months in hospital under NHS but Doctors didn't find any couse. They say I have a menthal problem but there was no evidence for it. The antidepressant pills didn't bring any improving at all.
The only way to get some special tests is at private clinic but it would cost lot more than we can afford.

My biggest problem now is that the only option to go out from our house is my scooter which broke down. The engineer said it coudn't be repaired.
We need to buy an other one but it cost a lot.
This is the reason why I decided to open a blog where i can sell my own design patterns to make some extra income. If you like my patterns , with buying it you help me to get closer to my goal.
If you don't need any patterns and would like to help, please click on "donate" button on the right side of my blog, thank you.

And a story :
We went on a short break but without my scooter as it broke down. I used my wheelchair to get to the beach. I was able to park a bit far from the sand and from my son. Martin was always checking me and came to me a lot to give a kiss.
The other day he wouldn't want to come to the beach.
He said : "I don't want to go there because I don't want you to be sad because you can't sit with us. I only want to go next when you can walk again."
I saw tears in his eyes and i felt myself upset as well as I can't guarantee that I will ever walk again.

I just only knew that I need a new scooter which I can also use to go to the beach.
I feel myself very bad because of the fact that my son must live those things other children don't.Till I had no new scooter I can't take him to school or to a park or playground... I can't go to shopping even can't get out of the house alone as my husband is working all day.
I can see the sadness in my son's eyes and my heart is just breaking...

Please help if you can to make my dream true...

Update: It took a long time but finally we could reach my dream....  Thank you for all your supports who were helping us, I will never forget to YOU!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter basket with eggs

This is the last pattern from my 2011 Easter collection: Easter basket with eggs.

The basket made with lovely shell stitch pattern. Size is cca. 10cm x 7cm oval shape, makes home for 3 crochet eggs. The eggs sizes cca. 6cm, pick up your own choice on colouring and decorating. Nice piece on your Easter Fest table or for gift.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free crochet cupcake pattern

Crochet cupcake:  

Finished size: The size depends on your hook size and yarn thickness. I used a 4mm hook and 4ply 100% cotton yarns, so my cupcake approx. 5.5cm (2inches).

You will need: brown, yellow and small amount red yarn
                       fibrefill stuffing
                       different type of coloured yarn or small beads for decorations

Notes: I started the cupcake with the magic loop/adjustable ring. (video tutorial here) The cupcake is worked in continuous rounds, do not join and do not turn at beginning of rounds. A stitch marker is used to indicate the beginning of rounds. Move marker up as each round is completed.

Start with brown yarn and make magic loop, sc 6.   (6)
1.rnd:  2 sc in every sc around  (12)
2.rnd:  *sc to the next sc, 2 sc to the next sc* 6 times from * to *  (18)
3.rnd:  sc in every sc around, hook only in the back loop!   (18)
4.rnd:  *2 sc to the next sc, sc to the next 8 sc* 2 times from * to *   (20)
5.rnd:  sc to the next 4 sc, 2 sc to the next sc, sc to the next 10 sc, 2 sc to the next sc, sc to the next 4 sc   (22)
6.rnd:  *2 sc to the next sc, sc to the next 10 sc* 2 times from * to *   (24)
7.rnd:  sc in every sc around   (24)
Change to yellow yarn.
8-9.rnd:  sc every sc around   (24)
10.rnd:  *sc2tog, sc to the next 10 sc* 2 times from * to *   (22)
11.rnd:  sc in every sc around   (22)
12.rnd:  *sc2tog, sc to the next 3 sc, sc2tog, sc to the next 4 sc* 2 times from *to* (18)
13.rnd:  sc in every sc around   (18)
14.rnd:  *sc2tog, sc to the next sc* 6 times from * to *   (12)
Begin to stuff and continue until the cupcake is complete.
15.rnd:  sc2tog around   (6)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Loop through into the 6 stitches, pull and make a knot. Weave in ends.

Edge around:
With yellow yarn, make a slip knot and hook trough the first stitch on the brown and the yellow edge, ch1.
Make 3 dc to the next stitch and sc to the next stitch, repeat all the way around, slip stitch to the first stitch. (12 shell )

Top cherry:
With red yarn make a magic loop, sc 6.   (6)
1.rnd:  sc in every sc around   (6)
2.rnd:  sc2tog around   (3)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Loop through into the 3 stitches, pull and make a knot. Stitch on top of cupcake.

Make more french knot (video tutorial here) everywhere on the yellow part from different type of coloured yarn or stitch on beads.

Happy crocheting!

I apologize for any mistakes, please contact me if you find any. Thank you!

Please leave a comment if you use my pattern!

This pattern is an original pattern by Adrienn of TruePearlsCreations (January 2011). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you must link my blog.
The pattern only for NON COMMERCIAL USE.
Sale or non authorized commercial distribution in any form is prohibited.
Thank you!

Copyright TruePearlsCreations 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last week I was on a handspinning course at the Hilltop Spinning and Weaving Centre. I have met a very nice and helpful couple, who did teach me how to use the spinning wheel, who to carding, dyeing and everything what I could use at handspinning. This is my first own-made handspinned yarn:

I am pleased with my first yarn and very happy to meet Sue and Bill. I am sure that we will keep in touch in the future. Pleased to refer their online shop which has a lot of exciting features regarding spinning, weaving and dyeing. We have bought my first spinning wheel an Ashford Kiwi, a big box of fleeces, and I am hoping to make lot of nice yarn in the future with it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amigurumi chick in egg

Here is my second pattern which I wrote. Because Easter is nearly here, I have designed this pattern, maybe there is someone who would like it for this occasion.

This little chick, who is sitting in the egg, perfect part of your Easter decoration. It would be a great present as well. If you make it from 100% cotton yarn, because it’s size, it fits into your little one’s hands. My son grabbed it just when I finished it.
You can buy this pattern by at my Ravelry shop, the price is £2.50.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amigurumi Easter goose pattern

As Easter is coming, I would like to show you my first own designed crochet pattern which is my first publish: Amigurumi Easter goose.

This little goose can be a perfect part of your Easter decoration or it can also be a little present to your loved ones. It is made from 100% cotton yarn, size is 19cm. Because of this it fits into little hands and can be a good friend for your little ones.
You can buy this pattern on this Ravelry link, the price is £2.50.